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Creating Your Stealth Login

To get started, you'll need to create a UNIQUE login. Each Stealth account requires a different email address and it should be an email address that you're absolutely certain you can receive emails from the Stealth Network. Your login will be the email address you provide. With that in mind, if you have several Stealth accounts, and you don't have more than one email, please sign up for email accounts at a provider like Outlook.com. (They provide email addresses that don't require extensive verification. Make sure you log out of a newly created account before you attempt to create another one)

Upon creating your Stealth login, you'll need to VERIFY the email address. So after creating your login credentials, make sure you VERIFY your email address. (The system will send an email to the address you provide, click the link in the email to verify your address.) - Your Stealth account won't be active until you verify it.

Creating A Post

Creating a post for distribution to your Stealth Network is super-simple. You'll need the URL of the page or site you wish to promote, some keywords and some content.

Your Sales Page URL:

Make sure your sales page contains an appropriate TITLE tag and headline tags. (H1, H2 etc.). Your keywords or keyword concept should be part of your title tag and should closely match your nearest H1 tag. Keep it natural, keep it normal, don't be spammy. Don't load all your keywords into the title tag or the H1 tag, just create a normal page that makes sense. A good simple practice to follow is to give your page the same TITLE as your first H1, this is very basic SEO and generally works well.

Here's a basic example, for a dental site.

Title & Headline : We Specialize In Dental Veneers

Here's a bad example, don't do this:

Title & Headline : We Specialize In Dental Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry Plus Braces And Bonding And Dentists Near Me And A Whole Bunch Of Other Things That Stuff Keywords Like Spitting, Gentle Dentistry, Guys Wearing Blue Pajamas, Attractive Receptionists, Screaming, Nightmares and Painful But Sexually Charged Extractions

Get the idea? Don't do that.

As for the content on your sales page, keep it natural. Just make a good sales page that a person is most likely to be interested in, related to the keyword focus you've chosen.


You can reference a maximum of 10 keywords in your Stealth post. Adding keywords in Stealth, is similar to adding keywords in YouTube, current keywords circulating in the Stealth Network, will appear in a drop down box as you add and select your keywords. Longtail keywords are better for markets that are more competitive but as time goes on, you can use broader keywords and experiment with the results.


Your content should be quality content, approximately 800-1200 in length. Don't struggle with your content. If you've said enough with 500 words, that's ok. It's better to have less content that's natural real content, as opposed to longer content where it's obvious you're trying to work in as many keywords as possible. Yes, you can and should use your keywords in your content or at least related concepts. Remember, if you create good useful content, it's better than over-thinking it and making keyword saturated content. Like all of your efforts with Stealth, try to have fun and create good work, leave the heavy-lifting to Stealth.

Test Run

Try to start with a fresh domain, new website that has no bad history associated with it. We're suggesting that you do NOTHING else but put a good sales site on that domain. Don't do anything, don't try to get it indexed, don't use ANYTHING on it. Put together your keywords and your content and create a new Stealth Project around. Then sit back and watch the results, we think you'll be impressed. This 'fresh start' test is one of the best ways to test run Stealth and understand everything it's capable of and how it all works.

Google Analytics & Other Creepy Things From Google

In the Test Run proposal above, we suggest you give Stealth "an honest clean run" and with that in mind, we suggest you DON'T put any Google code on the pages. Otherwise, a common question might be, is it safe to put Google code on your pages? The straight answer is yes, that's the great thing about Stealth, you can do anything you want and it's not a problem. If you like to use Google code, there is no reason related to Stealth why could shouldn't or coudln't.

Ready To Get Started?

Have your email accounts ready. Create your logins, verify your email address and get started on your Stealth adventure. We truly hope and believe you're going to blown away by just how easy, fast and super-effective Stealth really is. Thanks again and we looking forward to hearing your success stories.

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